The rules of our store

1. You have 12 hours to check accounts and BM, if the description does not specify otherwise, if you bought a large amount and you do not have enough time for a check, write to us, we always go to meet our customers

2. BMs are subject to exchange in case of receiving a ban on advertising activities at the time of linking the BMA to the acu and if the declared daily spend does not correspond to the real one, the real daily spend is checked by verification services, for example /. Read more about the rules and features of working with BM in our public

3. The account is replaced only after contacting technical support and analyzing your consumables, this is not done to make it difficult for you to return the defective goods, but so that you can avoid blocking our accounts during further work

4. If you were able to log in to your account and after some time of work it crashed, then the case in principle is not a warranty and ak